Plant-it-2020 | Working Together, To Give Back

Planting a Partnership

New Leaf is proud to announce our partnership with Plant-It-2020 – a worldwide charity dedicated to planting trees to renew our global resources. For every 10 contracts New Leaf sells, one tree will be planted. This effort, although simple in nature, is critical to help making this world more green. So far, New Leaf has planted more than 25,000 trees. Join the movement today!

We hope you will join us in “going green” and make it your mission to plant more trees in this world. For more information, please feel free to contact us about how you can get started.

Since 1992, Plant-It 2020 has been making an impact on worldwide forestry replenishment. For each US dollar we contribute, a tree is planted and protected in a location of our choosing. Plant-It 2020 is also revolutionizing technology to enhance the sustainability of many additional facets of humanitarian aid.